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Community Association Management

Association management services tailored to the individual needs of your Condominium, Cooperative or Homeowners Association

Neal Gary Rosensweig is a licensed, practicing attorney.
His association management clients benefit from his experience and practice in condominium and corporate law, condominium and cooperative association management, and as a condominium Director, President and Treasurer. 

Examples of Services Provided:

Financial Coordination of maintenance services
Administrative* Insurance *Some of these services may only be provided by a licensed attorney; they may be included in your association's package or billed separately as legal services

Useful Links
Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes
Chapter 718, Florida Statutes, The Condominium Act
Chapter 719, Florida Statutes, The Cooperative Act
Chapter 720, Florida Statutes, Homeowners Associations
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